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July 15, 2016
Nature Spirits Speak – Letting Go is Hard to Do!
July 26, 2016
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Nature Spirits Speak – Coping with Frustration!

Coping with Frustration 2


Today’s Note to Self®

 ~Frustration is having to walk when I was born to run~

Note & Nature Spirit message from: Paws to Reflect Dog Guidance Cards



There is probably no other way to describe last week but frustrating! I was attempting to assist our son Michael and his wife Elien to make the move to Sydney. After driving into Melbourne 2 days in a row to meet removalists and they still not arriving to load everything, we had to cancel and find another removalist! On the first occasion I read and meditated and walked and did a little shopping as I patiently waited … then drove the 2 hours back home to prepare for a return journey the following morning. After another 3 hours of waiting, the temperature in the car began to rise even though the engine wasn’t running and it was freezing outside! LOL

All the while I kept asking myself, ‘Why?’ Well, sometimes there is no answer and we just have to trust that it was in everyone’s best interests that we changed carriers … and that I was forced to sit and simply do nothing!

Message from Nature Spirits:

Dogs always love to be amongst the action! Their frustration becomes very obvious when they are left tied up or looking through the back door, and are kept from joining the fun. As the frustration builds, the whimpering turns into barking, and the scratching becomes jumping up and down, until someone takes notice. A frustrated dog is definitely not a happy dog, and the chewed up shoes and the holes dug around the garden all tell a story of annoyance. Their frustration around cats, though, is a little more reserved as cats seem to have a way of letting dogs know in an unspoken language – ‘just don’t mess with me!’

This beautiful dog called Nala is suggesting that holding onto feelings of frustration only adds more negative outcomes to an already challenging situation. Becoming annoyed and sitting in that annoyance, never achieves anything worthwhile. Staying frustrated just keeps you from finding a solution to the issue. Dogs don’t always have the luxury of being able to make the choices which bring them more happiness. But you do! Making the decision to let go of any negative emotion will bring about exciting change. Today, make one of the very best decisions you can ever make – let go of frustration and allow a solution to appear.