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March 23, 2016
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Nature Spirit – We All Want Freedom

Greatest challenge 3


Today’s Note to Self®

~When we forgive & release the past … happiness & success rush to greet & embrace us~


I rounded the bend in the path and was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a huge branch that had broken from the trunk of a very old gum tree, and was now lying across the path. At first, I was saddened by the image, but then noticed how clean and fresh the trunk now looked beneath the huge tear, and how the sunlight was now streaming onto the path as never before. We had experienced quite a storm the evening before, and obviously this aged tree had decided it was the perfect time to break free of this very heavy branch. I wondered was it feeling exposed and a little vulnerable as the council men arrived with chain saws in hand to remove the blockage.

The next morning, I decided to walk the same way to look in on my old friend, the tree … I would have to say it was looking lighter and enjoying its newfound freedom! I stopped for a moment to ponder the meaning for my life, and the message came through loud and clear!

Message from Nature Spirit:

Have you ever felt like you were carrying a very heavy burden that was weighing you down and holding you back from achieving your desire? Are you carrying with you some very old stories of how this or that is the reason why you have not, as yet, been able to accomplish your dream? And have these old stories become so attached, that it has become quite difficult to sever them from your life?

Nature knows no such limitation! It knows exactly when and how to let go of whatever is not allowing it to reach its highest potential. You need to do the same! Your life is in your hands and not governed by any one person or any one circumstance. You are a magnificent co-creator who is meant for greatness; dreaming big dreams and seeing them manifest in your physical reality. So today, allow those old branches of doubt, fear, blame, resentment, guilt or any other negative emotion, fall to the ground and be removed from your life forever. And yes, it may have you feeling a little vulnerable and exposed, but it is only then that you allow the light of love, peace and abundance to shine on your pathway, and fill your life with joy!