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March 31, 2016
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Nature Spirit – The Love that Really Counts

Parrot in tree 2


Today’s Note to Self®

~An open heart is a heart that embraces, cares for, & falls in love with the quintessence of all things … & rejoices in its existence~


We have the most beautiful blue and red parrots that love to spend most of their day in our garden, and I have created quite a relationship with these gorgeous feathered friends. I love the fact that now, even when I go walking, I see them flying amongst the trees and landing in the branches just above me. The parrot symbolises many things to many people but to me their presence is a true indication that Nature Spirit is with me as I follow my passion and purpose.

Last week whilst out spending time wandering the bush tracks, I asked Nature Spirits to show me a symbol of love. As always, they did not let me down! I was drawn to walking an unfamiliar path and then told to look up. I just couldn’t believe my eyes! There in the trunk of the tree was the image of a parrot … not carved but the formation of the bark. (I do hope you can see it)Believe me, whatever about the parrot, my heart jumped for joy! I then asked how this was a symbol of love and was simply told to look a little closer. It was quite high up, so I decided to take a photo to help me see it more clearly. As I zoomed in I discovered there was a hole right where the heart would be … and was given this message.


Message from Nature Spirit:

The spirit of the parrot is here to sing to you a mystical and magical song – a song that floats effortlessly through your physical time and space, and speaks to the hearts of those longing to experience a much deeper form of love. This is a cosmic melody that is only heard and felt by those willing to welcome the concept of an ‘open heart’. An open heart is a heart that embraces, cares for, and falls in love with all life on this amazing planet, and expresses enormous gratitude for absolutely everyone and everything. This beautiful parrot is suggesting that it is time for you to see the quintessence within all things, and rejoice in its existence.

Living with an open heart can be quite challenging as it requires you to love and care for those in need regardless of their circumstances in life, or their standing within the community. It takes looking beyond what is to find the beautiful spark of light that never ceases to shine within the soul – even the souls that seem totally unlovable and lost. If you wish to open to this magnificent love, then ask the spirit of the parrot to sing the song that gently wraps your heart in a brand new understanding of a deeper kind of love, and fills your life with the brightest colours of joy and empowerment. You are so loved!