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Nature Spirit – Symbolism in a Star!

Star Symbolism 2


Today’s Note to Self®

Today’s Note to Self® ~The twinkling star in the night sky is simply a reflection of the mystical light that shines within all people … we can turn on the light whenever we choose~



One of the things I truly love now that we have returned to live in the country, is the night sky! I can go out onto our veranda and sit for hours just looking at the stars. It always amazes me that the longer you look, so many more stars seem to appear! It is as if the simple act of taking notice, entices so many more to stretch through the velvety sky and shine a little brighter. It doesn’t take long before I am beginning to contemplate the magnitude of the Universe and where I fit within this incredible cosmos.

Then, just as I am moving deeper and deeper into these thoughts, a star will shoot across the sky and suddenly I am transported into the world of imagination. I dream of how exciting and wonderful it would be to ride a falling star. I dream of finding my very own unique star, sitting on it and looking out across the Universe. And I dream of catching a star as it streaks across the sky and making a special wish that will instantly come true. Then in this moment I ask, ‘What is the meaning of a starlit night for me and my life?’ The answer comes in loud and clear! A star symbolizes the unique quintessence of each individual soul – that beautiful inner spirit infused light that shines within all things.

The exciting thing is that stars can appear in so many different forms with each bringing its own unique message.

Message from Nature Spirits:

To trace the movement and activities of the heavenly bodies that journey through this glorious Universe, is to follow in the footsteps of all mystics and seers who have walked in search of Truth. As they studied and gained knowledge of the greater cosmos, they unlocked the signs and secrets which gave greater insight into how to walk with ease upon planet earth. They constantly viewed the heavens for a greater understanding of the seasons, the movement of the tides, the workings of Mother Nature, and most importantly, their connection to the Divine Substance which brings order and harmony to the whole of this amazing cosmos.

We as Nature Spirits, love to hear you tell your children to wish upon a star! It may be the first twinkling star that appears through the shadowy skies as the sun goes to rest and darkness pervades your planet, or it may be that silver streak across a velvet sky as a beautiful star dives towards earth to bring sparkle to a life in need. It matters not where or when, but each star that you see shining its light upon your planet, holds within the secret signs for your journey ahead. As you gaze up towards the heavens, you gaze upon a window into unknown realms. Listen closely, and we promise that you will hear the language of these exquisite drops of brilliance that speak to the core of your being. It is through the stars that you gain insight into your secret world … your essence. So tonight, step outside, look up and select your very own star! It awaits your recognition so it can shine a little brighter and light your way, allowing you to take each step into the future with confidence and knowing. You are so loved.