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Nature Spirit – Song of the Pine

Song of the Pine two


Today’s Note to Self®

~The song of the Pine calls me to remember the sacred melodies of my soul – the melodies that cleanse, purify, and inspire~


Just above the lake where I now love to walk each day, stands a row of beautiful pine trees. It doesn’t seem to matter where we find home for a particular season of our lives, there are always pine trees to welcome us with their beautiful song. Pine trees are not the type of trees that draws our attention, and yet they are everywhere! When we do decide to take a closer look, they are truly a feast for all our senses. The best time to visit the pine is on a warm summer’s afternoon when a breeze has decided to come out to play. The delicious aroma of its resins will greet you long before you arrive and invite you to come closer. Place your hands on their well aged, towering trunks and you will feel their energy surging through you. And then, as the breeze plays between its branches, you will hear its song!

As I sit beneath these magnificent trees to listen, the pine tree song calls me to remember the sacred melodies of my soul – the melodies that cleanse, purify, and inspire me to lift myself above any physical challenges to see the bigger picture of my life. It may sing a different song, but I promise if you listen closely, you will love the special melody it hums for you.

Message from Nature Spirit:

This message is brought to you from the spirit of the Pine, and such a powerful message it shares. Life on planet Earth can be a challenging time for those who wish to explore new ways of expanding their awareness and growing in consciousness. We applaud all who venture into unknown territory, and we are always beside you at the ready to assist when asked. The spirit of the pine has incredible wisdom to share. This wisdom has been gathered over millions of years and spanning many Great Ages in your linear time. Yes, it has the power to help you heal negative energies and elevate your mind to higher thought. It will also gift you with delectable sensory delights, and infuse your life with an abundance of inner peace and calm.

Few know that the pine stood tall beside the mountains even when the Earth experienced the great freeze which sent everything else scurrying home to the world of Spirit. It is from this experience that you can learn the Pine’s greatest lesson. Its trunk standing so straight and tall, reminds you that even though many branches may be formed, there is still only one Truth from which all others stem. It is this Truth which allows for the weaving of magic through you and your life. The spirit of the Pine sings to re-awaken this Truth – there is one Great Spirit and you are made in the image and likeness of this Divine Creator of all things! Yes, you too have the power to create and experience all your heart’s desires. The Pine continues to sing its song to guide you through the maze of expanding consciousness to re-discover this Truth, and to experience deep healing and spiritual fulfilment. You are so loved!