Spiritual Fitness Mastery Club

Discover: How to thrive in this unprecedented time of change &
accelerate your way to happiness & success!

Reshape Your Life through our Spiritual Fitness Mastery Club

What if you could live the most incredible life... with Love, Happiness, Wealth, Health & Success!
What if you had a crystal clear path that empowers you to reshape your life in ways you can't even imagine?
What if YOUR dreams became YOUR reality?
In a world of unprecendented changes, of disappointments, fears and confusion, there also sounds the steady voice of Truth. Eight Truths, actually, that illuminate, encourage, love and guide you into creating a dream-come-true life by design. We help you to create lives worth living and businesses worth owning.
Learning, integrating and mastering the 8 Truths begins with a 2-day workshop followed by a 30-week program where you build on your skills - like a musician or a mathematician. You will be nurtured and guided through the process, treated as an individual yet integrated as part of this remarkable, powerful and wonderous universe. Knowledge is shared, but so are the simple, but not always easy, practical steps to co-creating with the universe for your best life yet.

Won't you join us as we light even the darkest caves, heal the most broken of hearts and restore the most challenging health? Please join us for this incredible adventure on the way to living your greatest life.

Program Details & Options

If it is time to make a change. If your intention is to make your life extraordinary now while creating long-lasting passionate relationships with yourself, and your goals and dreams, then join our exclusive club today.

Next Starting Date: TBA

Please Note: All participants must complete Introductory Workshop before registering for Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Live Introductory 2-day Workshop

These 2 days are filled to the brim with the essential foundational information which sets you on a path to mastering your life. Geraldine shares with you the first and vital steps needed to experience your unique expression of happiness. Key elements include: Understanding this incredible time of change and how to thrive in the midst of it; an introduction to quantum mechanics which enables you to finally clear doubt, remove anxiety and create certainty (you will love this!); and discovering the one simple, but often unknown, secret ingredient to living your unique version of happiness.
Included in the cost are 4 Card Decks, 3 Meditation CDs, Workbook & Mastery Club Book. These tools are used throughout the Mastery Program to help you become one with your all-knowing personal guidance system or your inner oracle. Working with small groups allows for a very personalised approach, and Geraldine does mini intuitive readings throughout both days.

Cost: $650

Level 1: Insider Information

LEVEL 1 will have you believing that you can achieve the so-called “impossible." Each week builds on the week before as Geraldine shares the practical steps which actually work in assisting you to make the changes which lead you to experiencing happiness and success. These sessions take your knowledge and understanding to a whole new level around the world of quantum mechanics, heart science, and the workings of the mind – this consciousness-raising level is all in preparation for embracing the New World ‘Dream Creation’ process shared in Level 2.

Cost: $300

Level 1 Weekly Live Online Sessions:
- Tuesday 10am Australian EST
- Monday 5pm Pacific, 7pm Central & 8pm Eastern USA DST

Level 2: Making it Personal

During Level 2, you will begin to master the step by step 'Dream-Creation' process which is in alignment with 5th dimensional living, and put it to work on your own specific goals and dreams. Each week, Geraldine takes 1 step of the creation process and expands on it in such a way that you will know exactly what needs to be done - no more questioning self and wondering if you are doing it right! When you use all that is included in this level to build upon the foundational elements acquired during Level 1, you become a very powerful co-creator of all your heart’s desires!
• 10 weekly online workshop sessions

Cost: $300

Level 2 Weekly Live Online Sessions:
- Thursday 10am Australian EST
- Wednesday 5pm Pacific, 7pm Central & 8pm Eastern USA

Level 3: Final Pieces of the Puzzle

Level 3 ensures your continued growth into higher levels of consciousness. It gives you the final pieces of the puzzle needed for you to achieve mastery. You will confidently step into living your natural state of health, wealth, and happiness. In these sessions, Geraldine delves into concepts such as oneness and self-worth, and also pays particular attention to building your consciousness around loving relationships, health and well-being, money and career.
It is a well known fact that it takes 30 days to change a habit ... just imagine how 30 weeks of total focus will change your life!
• 10 weekly online workshop sessions

Cost: $300

Level 3 Weekly Live Online Sessions:
- Friday 10am Australian EST
- Thursday 5pm Pacific, 7pm Central & 8pm Eastern USA

For further information or to have your questions answered, please email Geraldine at info@geraldineteggelove.com

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