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February 24, 2016
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February 26, 2016
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Lost in the Jungle of Imagination

Lost in the Jungle


Today’s Note to Self®

Remember today, to get lost in the jungles of my imagination, play magical games, and dream joy filled dreams … this is how I create my future


The warmth of the air that brushed my face as I stepped outside into the early morning air, certainly told of a very hot day to come. Even at 6am it was already 25 degrees and you could feel the ‘busyness’ of Mother Nature making sure that all was prepared, and chores done, before the sun rose high in the sky and the heat slowed everything to a snail’s pace.

Along my path, I passed a small parcel of farm land that has obviously been unloved for quite some time, and I wished that someone would come and give it some tender loving care! But this morning, in the midst of all the overgrown weeds, I found a little bug which was quite oblivious to anything and everything going on around it. It had discovered a lush green jungle of leaves on which to play and feed … it was basking in the light of a dream come true!!!

Message from Nature Spirit:

Have you ever watched the clouds daydreaming in the sky as they float through the air on a gentle breeze? Have you ever watched a bird sit on the edge of a cliff looking pensively out to sea and dreaming of what the waves may bring in time for lunch? Mother Nature constantly dreams of, and creates magical moments for all to experience. Each day we are gifted with a brand new performance… she uses the wind to create the dance, the sun to create the magical lighting effects, the birds to create the song, the trees become the backdrop, and on and on it goes. In every moment, her dream becomes a reality and the whole world smiles!

Your gift of imagination is the most magical, precious gift; it is through this powerful gift that you are able to build your future world. Every thought that you think and hold in your mind with emotion, is the beginning of what will fill your tomorrows! This can either be a scary idea or an exciting one… it all depends on what you have been imagining! Have you been constantly thinking or imagining the worst scenario and filling it with worry and despair, or have you been imagining the world of your dreams? You are such a powerful being, so right in this very moment, stop what you are doing, close your eyes, and get lost in the jungles of your amazing imagination and begin to create your dream. You are magnificent!