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March 2, 2016
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Living In The Moment

Living in the Moment


Today’s Note to Self®

~Living ‘in the moment’ allows me to experience the most mystical images that feed my senses with a little taste of heaven~ this is how I create my future


I was woken in the early hours of the morning with the sound of rain on the roof. Such a beautiful sound after weeks of nothing but heat and dry! Our bedroom window was wide open and that amazing smell of freshness that accompanies the rain, wafted through! The air felt crisp and clear as the precious water droplets settled the dust that had been filling every nook and cranny of the atmosphere. I imagined the creatures of the night allowing themselves a few carefree moments to rejoice and dance in the welcome change. Such a magical moment … and the perfect moment to immerse myself in gratitude! Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?
Well, let’s just wind this movie back to where I first heard the rain! What was my initial reaction? Not too positive I can promise you! “Oh no, I left the washing on the clothesline and now it is all going to be dripping wet, and now I am going to have to bring it in and put it through the washing machine again to wring out the water, and then I’m going to have to hang it all out again, and why didn’t I bring it in before I went to bed!” Initially, not one thought of connecting to the magic – no, my little old mind simply swung straight into the negative zone! How quick we are to see the downside of life rather than the miracles that are occurring all around us.
When we begin to live in the moment, a never ending supply of magic is presented to us. This was the sky at dawn just a few hours later … how amazingly beautiful!

Message from Nature Spirit:

Every single moment is a moment of magic in nature. There is always the opportunity for you to not only capture these moments, but to also grow spiritually through these experiences. As each element in nature joyfully plays and dances its dance of life, it connects with all the other elements around it, and the vibrations of joy and happiness that they exude form miracles that you can then experience through your physical senses and your heart.
The sun symbolises life, power, strength and energy. This is exactly what you can see within this image … those beautiful golden rays stretching over the horizon and painting the sky with the glorious colours of life. But, without taking the time to be truly aware of the sun and the exciting gifts it pours out upon Mother Earth, you will miss the magical moments that can bring you so much joy. It is all about living in the moment, and not living in the, “what am I going to do about this, or what am I going to do about that” negative thoughts, stresses and worries!!!
There is a sun inside you just waiting to rise above the horizons of your challenges and struggles, and infuse the path to your dreams and desires with love. Today, take the time to stretch inwards to find your sun, because it is there just waiting to create magical moments in your life. You are sooo loved!