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December 8, 2015
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February 24, 2016
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Tuesday, 15th December 2015



Yes, I know we usually wait until New Year rolls around before we start thinking about setting goals, but I would love to run a few things by you today so that between Christmas and the New Year you can contemplate how you would love your 2016 to look. So yes, we are going to take a brief moment to ponder some goals and dreams for the coming year and how we are going to make sure that in 2016 we actually accomplish these! Quite often we set goals for the New Year before we have even had time to think about them or get them straight in our minds, and then we wonder why things don’t seem to turn out the way we had hoped! I call it goal rushing rather than goal setting. This may sound a little out there, but Bill and I like to take a whole day (usually New Year’s Eve) before we attend any celebrations to get out the white board and decide on how we would love the following year to unfold. We have grown to love the process and now would feel rather lost if we hadn’t set out our goals and dreams. But it is about now that we begin to contemplate the possibilities. So on this podcast, I would love to take you through a very simple process, which I might add is unlike any other goal setting program I have ever gone through, that will have you well and truly ready to make your 2016 really zing with happiness and success. We will cover what I see as the 4 essential steps to setting in motion a fabulous year ahead and, I promise they really work!

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