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February 24, 2016
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Is Sharing Always Caring




Today’s Note to Self®

Stepping aside to allow another to walk their path alone can often be the greatest gift of caring we can share



Here in Australia we are coming towards the end of summer – a summer which has been quite mild for this part of the world. The consequence to this has been the late ripening of fruit on our nectarine trees. It has been a race to the finish line between myself and the parrots! Every day I have been out checking the fruit to see if it is ready to pick, and every day the parrots arrive to help me with this little chore! LOL I made a pact with them that if they were patient, I would share part of the crop so we could all enjoy the bountiful harvest. Obviously, the parrots didn’t quite understand human language and flew in under my radar early one morning! I woke to hear their excited chatter, jumped out of bed and ran outside with bucket in hand. I am very pleased to say that I now have a freezer full of beautiful fruit ready to be baked in so many ways, and yes, I did honour my agreement and leave fruit on the trees for my parrot friends. I guess you could say that in this instance – sharing was caring!

There are times though when sharing is anything but caring! Yes, it is wonderful to be the very caring, sharing family member, friend and co-worker, and offer to help when you see others struggling with life. But in many instances, we show a greater level of care by stepping back and not actually offering to share the load. Why? It is often a very fine line we walk in life, particularly as parents. If we are constantly stepping in to fix problems for others, we are not allowing them to grow and become a better version of who they are in that moment. The trick is to know when it is good to make them a hot chocolate, pat them on the back and tell them you will help them work it out … or, step back and let them grow through the process alone.

This can be extremely difficult, but by asking yourself the right questions, you will definitely choose wisely.

  • Is this a recurring problem?
  • Is this an issue which presents an opportunity for growth?
  • Is my sharing of the problem really going to create a long term solution?

And the really big one … (particularly for the person who is constantly needing to care and share)

  • Am I doing this to simply fulfill an emotional need within me?

Many times in our journey of life, it is in the facing of the struggle alone that brings the greatest results in the areas of happiness and success. Obviously for very serious mental and emotional issues, suggesting professional help is the wisest move.

Message from Nature Spirit:

For those physical beings facing challenges, always, always remember… the deeper the valley, the greater the view from the mountaintop! We are here to assist your climb, and we do this by providing you with an endless supply of magical moments of joy. These can be as simple as a tiny mushroom dotted with the morning dew, the whisper of the gentlest breeze through the trees, the song of a tiny bird at dawn … and the delicious nectarines hanging on the tree. Your task is to step, even momentarily, away from the memories of the past and the worries of what might be in the future, and share in the joy that surrounds you.

We strongly suggest that you begin by practising this for just one moment a day. And then, when you are ready, step up to two moments a day and so on and so forth, until you are having so many of these joy filled moments, that you are filling your whole day with that amazing emotion of joy. By making this decision, joy now flies to you on the wings of the wind to dance through your heart. Joy sings to your soul in every breath that you take. Joy melts in the sunlight to form a rich red carpet at your feet. And the whole of Nature celebrates your courage and your magnificence! Today, in this moment, share in Nature’s happiness! You are so loved!