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February 24, 2016
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February 24, 2016
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A Simple Life = A Happy Life

Growing new wings


Today’s Note to Self®

Old heavy wings need to break and fall so stronger, lighter wings can grow … these enable us to fly even higher



Having felt ill and utterly miserable over the previous few days, I slowly pulled myself off the bed and made my way to the kitchen to put the finishing touches to our Christmas lunch. I had been planning and looking forward to this day ever since we moved into our new home way back in April 2015. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through, but the thought of not celebrating with our beautiful children and grandchildren was something I just didn’t even want to contemplate.

I knew without a doubt that I was being given a wakeup call to look at my life from a whole new perspective and let go of anything that was dragging me down. It is not easy to say goodbye to old paradigms that have served us well, but I guess everything has its season! As our fabulous day came to a close and we waved farewell, I made the decision to do what had to be done to assist my healing. Immediately my mind went into overdrive and the only way I could slow it down was to contemplate the benefits to simplifying my life, and then work back from there.

Creating a lighter, brighter energy and vibration – this would have to be the top reason for simplifying our lives! We cannot possibly move successfully from one Great Age to the next holding onto old paradigms and old, tired, heavy energy. It is therefore essential that we lighten the load and rid ourselves of anything that weighs us down. If you find yourself making statements such as, ‘I don’t think I can do this any longer or, I’m just not enjoying this’ … and a million more other little wake up statements … then you are being nudged into simplifying your life. And, if you are constantly feeling tired and lacking in energy – it is time to simplify and re-energise your life.

Another huge benefit is the Reclaiming of Time. We begin everyday with a certain amount of time, and the more activities we add to our day, the less time we have to focus on those actions which achieve the greatest results. It is so easy to be distracted by someone else’s wonderful idea that may be the answer to our prayers. But, most often these ideas just create a snowball effect by adding to our work load, and finally send us spinning in circles. Is it any wonder we constantly feel there is just not enough time in a day!

What did I do next?

I grabbed a large piece of paper, and at the top of the page I wrote in huge letters … My New and Simple Life. I began by writing down all that I did on a daily basis and then circled only those activities which truly made my heart sing in wonderful ways. Believe me, it was quite a challenge to grab a big black texta and draw a cross through everything else on my chart! But at the same time, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from me … and I felt free. Did my decision affect others? Yes it did, but I knew in my heart that I could serve in far greater ways by being true to my passion and purpose, and more importantly, by feeling energised and happy.

Message from Nature Spirits:

Yes, there are times when you feel your wings are not only broken and torn, but have been completely ripped from you and tossed on the ground. And yes, the tears will flow with the pain and frustration of moving through the necessary changes which are taking place within you emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is often the time for most of you in the physical realm, to give up and turn back to the old beliefs patterns you have clung to and cherished … even though you know that they are no longer serving you.

Well, we bring an amazing message! It is time to take off those old worn out wings, and allow yourself the time needed to grow bigger and more beautiful wings with which to fly higher and higher. These magical wings will have you soaring with the eagles to gaze down on this world with eyes that clearly see visions of dreams you thought never possible. You now have ears which are open to hearing the magical beatings of your heart as it softly whispers the secrets of ancient wisdom. You know without a doubt you hold the in your hands the gift of healing, and, for the very first time, you taste and smell the healing power of love. So today, please unfasten your old wings and prepare for the flight of your life! You are so loved!