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November 1, 2016
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November 16, 2016
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Have you had YOUR Mountain Moment today?




Today’s Note to Self®

~Mountain moments are truly sacred moments … only experienced by those willing to search for inner wisdom & then live it~



We all hold within us everything needed to heal our ills! When things are not going so well for us, it is often difficult to hear this and even more difficult to believe it! In these moments, I always look to the mountains for help. Why? Because mountains remind me of the wisdom and knowledge I have gained over many lifetimes … wisdom and knowledge that has the power to heal.

I took this photo a number of years ago standing on the summit of Mt Baw Baw and looking across the whole mountain range as it stretched into the distance. It was an amazing sight and the feeling it gave me was just indescribable! Mountains symbolize wisdom, majesty, strength and truth, and these mountains certainly spoke clearly of each of these. As I sat quietly taking in the view and the beautiful energy that surrounded me, this wonderful message from Nature Spirits filled my mind!

 Mother Nature’s Message:

Your message for today comes from all in nature who shelter in the shadows of the majestic and inspiring spirit of the mountain. The beautiful smooth barked snow gums that cling to its soil, the rocks that silently beckon you through the steel blue and violet haze that enfolds its peaks, and the gentle graceful ferns that slowly unfurl their fronds in the finest jeweled mist lit by the softest rays of sunlight – all beckon you to listen to the wisdom of the mountain. All understand its mystical ancient secrets! The calm that has risen out of its memories of times long past when planet Earth was groaning as it birthed your world of today! The peacefulness that has risen out of standing strong and majestic in its truth against the winds of time, and the sacred energy and vibration that the mountain shares with all who gaze upon its beauty.

We in Nature strongly urge you to visit and walk the slopes of mountains to experience its wisdom for yourself. We suggest you relate the experience to your journey through life and allow the spirit of the mountain fill you with its strength, calm, peacefulness and majesty. So often, finding your way along your chosen path can be quite challenging, but keeping your eye upon the summit and holding firm to the Truth that lies within you will certainly ease the way. Just as the mountain still persists as storms rage across its peaks, so too can you stand firm in your desire to heal, allowing this healing to unfold in the perfect way at the perfect time. Please remember, to pause along the way to enjoy each moment … there is no rush … each sacred step is a step towards enlightenment. We know that there will many a time when you will be celebrating in gratitude … and humility at the wonders of your mountain experience. And yes, we will be there beside you singing beautiful songs of your strength, calm, peacefulness and majesty. You are so loved!