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September 8, 2016
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Creating Miracles!



Today’s Note to Self®

~Remember today, to love yourself enough to see that YOU are a miracle … & that you are also the creator of miracles ~


At this time of the year when spring is parading miracle upon miracle for us all to see, it is probably a great time to take a closer look at how we too can create miracles in our lives. We are actually creating miracles just by breathing and living on this amazing planet, but most often we simply don’t recognise the magic. Perhaps this week’s Nature Spirit Message will help you to see your magnificence!

Mother Nature’s Message:

We in Nature Spirit see every moment in every day as an extraordinary event … what you physical beings call a miracle. To us, the journey you call life is an ongoing creation of miracle upon miracle. The journey of the sun as it rises in the sky at dawn sending out the most magnificent beams of sparkling light, travels across crystal blue skies, and then paints that same sky with the glorious colours of pink, orange and scarlet red as a signal for all in nature to take a time of rest. The journey of a dragonfly … beginning life as a tiny creature living in the water realms, and then transforming to taking its place on land and displaying the most spectacular wings that fly at speeds beyond comprehension for such a tiny creature. The journey of a rose from a plump little bud, slowly and gently unfolding each and every petal, giving off a perfume which gives you a little taste of heaven, until it reaches full bloom – another beautiful miracle occurring right before your eyes.  Yes, once you begin to seek out miracles in nature, you will begin to see that you are surrounded in them.

Today, we would like you to see yourself as a miracle. In fact, we see your journey through life as one continuous marvel! Your ability to breathe, to see, to hear and to smell is extraordinary. But best of all, you have be given the gift of free will to think and to make choices in every precious moment, giving you the ability to create magical dreams … you have the ability to not only see miracles around you, but to actually create spectacular miracles in your life!  We in Nature Spirit urge you not to waste this magical power, but to begin using it right now! Decide on your miracle, set the intention, take action, have faith and trust, and then watch it unfold in the most extraordinary ways. You are the creator of miracles!