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Coping with Change!

Flowers in the Sand 2



Today’s Note to Self®

~Regardless of the twists & turns, our life will blossom as we journey through the sands of time when we sing the song of our heart~



A walk along the beach in the early hours of the morning with only the distant cry of a seagull and the soothing song of the ocean to accompany me is a magical time that fills my soul with joy. It is a moment in time when I feel at one with all that is and will ever be. It is a moment in time when I truly come to know the abundance of this amazing Universe… the grains of sand, the drops of water in the ocean, the never ending waves that wash and cleanse the shoreline every minute of every day.

On this particular occasion, I was wondering along, marvelling at the smoothness of the sand until I came upon a wonderful little track made by a very busy and industrious sand worm. Such a journey it was taking with so many twists and turns, until it had obviously found the perfect place to stop and rest, and then no more tracks. As I wandered on I came across this little jelly fish in the shape of a flower. What a metaphor for my life!!! I sometimes feel like I am constantly making twists and turns trying to find my way to heavens knows where! And sometimes, I just want to throw it all in and run away to another planet! But then, there is a cry from deep within that urges me to just take one more step to see what lies around the next bend … and the next … and the next; there is something inside that already knows my destination, and knows the joy it will bring.

 Mother Nature’s Message:

Your journey in life is made all the more exciting by the twists and turns that it takes! I know there may times when you really can’t see the truth in this statement, but these twists and turns are essential to your soul growth, and they take you along paths and adventures that you may otherwise never experience. Every twist and turn is another opportunity for you to grow and become a more magnificent version of you.

The river or the creek never flow in a direct line to the ocean, but what amazing beauty they bring to the world by flowing freely around mountains, through valleys and over waterfalls, creating new pathways as they go. For a tiny droplet of water, each day brings a new adventure filled with excitement and joy! It never worries or frets over how long it is taking, or having to go around yet another bend … it simply enjoys the journey, knowing that it will most certainly, one day, reach the ocean. So today, give yourself permission to enjoy the journey … and that includes the twists and turns! Find excitement in every precious moment of time, and the possibilities it holds. We promise … you will blossom in such magical ways!