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October 4, 2016
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Clearing Away the Storms of Life



Today’s Note to Self®

~Remember today, that my negative thoughts are like clouds that I can let sail on by, or gather to create storms  in my life~


Metaphysically, this is the perfect image to symbolize the healing of the mind: the clouds represent our negative thoughts, the glimmer of sunshine represents our positive thoughts beginning to shine through, and the patches of blue sky represent a happier, more joyful way of life that is beginning to appear.

How did I get this image, well I asked Nature Spirit to bring me an image of ‘thoughts’! I kept being drawn to look at the sky, but I, as usual, was wanting more, until finally I realized that I wasn’t going to get more … and besides, the clouds were just the perfect image. Quite often when I meditate, I imagine my thoughts as little clouds just sailing on by through a clear blue sky and not bothering me whilst I am attempting to clear my mind. And so, regardless of what I tried to do, Spirit was guiding my eyes upward towards the clouds, and I finally accepted gratefully.

I have very clear memories of the times that I have allowed negative thoughts to build up in my mind and then watched the storm not only brewing, but reaping absolute havoc in my life in disastrous ways. I am sure many of you can relate to this one!!!

So let’s hear what Nature Spirit had to say on the subject of negative thoughts!

Mother Nature’s Message:

Holding onto negative thoughts is something foreign to Mother Nature. In fact, Nature knows nothing of negativity. But part of your physical experience here on earth is to come to understand the meaning and the reason for having negative thoughts, and what part they play in your life in creating your reality. Negativity is not altogether a bad thing! If you do not experience the negative, then you don’t have the wisdom to choose what you truly desire.

The most important thing to understand is that you have the ability to change your thoughts in an instant, and we strongly urge you to do so if a negative thought enters your mind. You see, once you hold onto a thought over a period of time, it is then embedded into your unconscious mind, which then goes about helping you to experience more of the same. Once you have embedded the thought you now have the opportunity to add some very negative emotion which makes it even more potent. Now due to the fact that your unconscious mind is only there to serve you, it makes sure that it puts everything into action to make this thought/idea a reality in your life. If it is a negative thought, well, before you know it … wham, the wind blows, the lightning flashes, the thunder rolls, and you are left tattered and torn and wondering … why has this happened to poor little old me?